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Firefox 25 , supporto nativo a Wayland , full WebGL e VA-API Accelerat

Firefox 75 due to be released next month should finally have its native Wayland support in good order.

Merged yesterday were the Firefox Wayland patches for VA-API video acceleration support in conjunction with FFmpeg.

This FFmpeg VA-API support on Wayland comes following the recent DMA-BUF support inside the web browser. Red Hat's Martin Stránský commented that Firefox on Wayland with VA-API is now in good shape with today's nightly builds of Firefox. His testing has been mostly focused on Intel graphics hardware. The support does require enabling the OpenGL compositor or WebRender within Firefox as well as setting the wayland-dmabuf-vaapi control knobs.

Martin Stránský went on to also write a blog post today outlining that full WebGL support on Wayland will also be in order for Firefox 75 once setting the necessary DMA-BUF WebGL option.

Firefox 75 will be hitting beta next week while the stable Firefox 75.0 debut is expected to happen around 7 April.

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